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Our services for legal entities and persons

  • Consulting in accordance the Russian Federation legislation on family, housing, labor, succession disputes, on disputes related to traffic offence and on bargains of different nature;
  • Drafting of various legal documents: claims, complaints, motions, amicable settlement agreements, agreements/contracts in Russian and/or English and other documents and/or their legal estimation – legal opinion preparation;
  • Representation of interests in the courts of general jurisdiction, arbitrations, ad hoc courts, international commercial arbitrations in civil cases in all instances. Appealing court rulings. Mediation;
  • Legal protection during investigation and court hearings in criminal cases;
  • Representation of interests in enforcement proceedings;
  • Representation of interests in the state bodies, local authorities of the Russian Federation and other authorities, including related to payment of taxes, duties and customs payments; receipt of licenses and certificates;
  • Consulting in relation to choice of legal entity form of incorporation in the Russian Federation/ Help in registration, reorganization and dissolution of legal entities in the Russian Federation. Preparation of foundation documentation and making changes in it.
  • Consulting in relation to opening representative offices of foreing companies in the Russian Federation;
  • Consulting on the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and personnel employment. Drafting of labor contract form;
  • Consulting on tax, customs, currency legislation of the Russian federation;
  • Accompanying of real estate bargains. Help in State registration of rights for real estate;
  • Family law. Marriage contract preparation. Divorce. Family arrangement. Children custody establishment. Claiming alimony;
  • Succession law. Acceptance of succession. Drafting of testament;
  • Copyright law. Intellectual property rights protection. License agreements drafting. Patents and trademarks registration in the Russian Federation;
  • Consulting on receipt of temporary registration and citizenship in the Russian Federation territory;
  • Help in apostilling documentation in the Russian Federation.
*Legal services rendered by us are not limited by the abovestated list, the list is for reference only.