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Natalia Muravieva

Natalia Muravieva

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Lawyer Natalia Muravieva has fruitful experience in legal sphere from the year 2002. Natalia' possesses deep expertise in the Russian Federation legislation and international private law, has multiple professional experience in these spheres and speaks English on advanced level.


Natalia has work experience in large international production companies, including experience as
a head of legal.

By that reason Natalia having work experience with foreign partners, counterparties, ccolleagues and speaking English understands their mentality, style to make business, and at the same time posses knowledge of the Russian Federation legislation and knows the mentality of the Russian State authorities, persons and legal entities. It will for sure help in reaching common ground between the Russian Natalia’s clients (who wishes to make business with foreign partners) and their foreign partners as well as Natalia’s foreign clients and their Russian partners – Russian authorities, persons and corporations.


Faculty of International relations, Economic and Law of Moscow State Linguistic University (named after M. Toreza). Lawyer. Bachelor’s degree..

Natalia permanently improves her skills and has the following diplomas:

  • Taxes and Duties Advisor, NEI Institute of Economics and Finance “Sinergia”, State diploma of additional qualification/Certificate of the RF Chamber of Tax Advisors «Taxes and Duties Advisor». 
    Corporate Law Specialist, Russian School (Institute) of Private Law, State diploma of additional qualification,
  • Interpreter (English and German), Moscow State Linguistic University (named after M. Toreza), State diploma of additional higher education.

Natalia also took part in clinics, such as:

  • “Due Diligence in Russia: actual practice issues", Institute of modern education "INSO"
  • "New in IP legal protection - Part 4 of the RF Civil Code adoption», Russian State Educational Institute for Intellectual Property,
  • “International Contract: the Peculiarities of Legal Regulation and Arbitrage Practice”, NEI AE “Law school “Statute”.

The core skills of Natalia are:

  • Corporate work related to creation of legal schemes of interaction with client’s counterparties.
  • Successful representation of client’s interests in arbitration and in tax authorities.
  • Drafting of contracts/additional agreements in English and Russian.
  • Giving legal advise on different legal matters and giving consultations on currency control, tax, customs and corporate legislation of the Russian Federation, on intellectual property protection, on legislation in the field of business accounting.


Lawyer has strong background in provision of full legal support of the client’s company, including:

  • Work with the client’s charter documentation;
  • Taking part in the client’s Due Diligence related to acquisition of shares by foreign company, taking part in Shareholder’s Agreement, Agreement on Subscription creation and negotiation to support the client’s interests;
  • Development of internal client's documentation, instructions and rules, securing their correspondence to the Russian Federation legislation;
  • Creation of legal schemes for secure business in the Russian Federation;
  • Advising companies’ management on legal matter’s and preparation of legal opinions on full range of legal issues, including labor, insurance, currency, tax and customs legislation of the Russian Federation, intellectual property rights protection, legislation in the field of business accounting;
  • Interaction with state authorities of the Russian Federation, state registration of rights in the Russian Federation state authorities;
  • Making objections on the acts of tax authorities;
  • Drafting and legal (risk) analysis of different types of contracts (addendums, amendments), including supply of goods contracts (including supply of aircraft), performance of works and development works contracts, lease contracts, services contracts (including fright forwarding, marketing, advertising, agency, commission, outsourcing), loan and credit agreements, license agreements, including for software, and others with Russian and foreign counterparties (law applicable - Russian, Swiss, Swedish, England etc.), including creation of complex contracts, such as 3-parties contracts with two customers – resident of the Russian Federation and nonresident and the supplier – nonresident, in Russian and English;
  • Claim activities and representation of the client’s interests in arbitration courts of all levels and in tax authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • Assessment of the documents, transferred by counterparties (certificates of incorporation, certificates of residence etc.);
  • Support of transfer apostilled documents to the client’s counterparties;
  • Taking part in negotiations.