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Nadezhda Vasilieva

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Russian counsel, member of the bar association «Moscow City Bar Association» Nadezhda Vasilieva wll protect your interests, solve your legal issues and give legal advise on your issue at the highest professional level.


Nadezhda Vasilieva provides legal protection for persons and legal entities within Russian Federation territory on divorce, division of property, inheritance, bargains with real estate, court disputes, title for land, violation of the administrative law, including traffic accident, damage compensation etc. Nadezhda will protect your interests in court and arbitration in complex civil, arbitration disputes such as declaration of title, property tracing, debts recovery, annulment of bargains/bargains disputing, housing, real estate, family, inheritance disputes, disputes related to children custody, invalidation of state non-regulatory acts. Nadezhda will protect you in criminal prosecution.

Nadezhda has professional experience from the year 1976. Nadezhda is a member of the bar association «Moscow City Bar Association» from the year 1997. Nadezhda performs her activities in accordance with Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On the bar activities and bar associations in the Russian Federation”.


All-Union Legal University (now days Moscow State Legal Academy). Bachelor of law degree..


Extensive knowledge in various branches of law gives the possibility for Nadezhda in her legal practice to receive brilliant results on hard and complex cases.

Nadezhda consults on any legal issue in any branch of the Russian Federation legislation (such as civil, family, housing, administrative, labor, criminal law) and protects your interests during preliminary investigation under criminal offence, in court (in civil, arbitration and criminal cases), helps in appealing of court rulings (cassational, appeal and supervisory claims). In addition to the ordinary legal practice Nadezhda presents clients interests in complex cases in supervisory instances of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation and of the courts of the Russian Federation regions.

In her legal practice Nadezhda follows the principle “not to do harm”. The huge amount of cases in which Nadezhda took part, had positive results for the clients by reason of Nadezhda’s meticulous work under each case and brilliant knowledge of the Russian Federation legislation.

In her civil cases practice in accordance with well-structured case theory Nadezhda used to win the cases in her client’s interest on inheritance acquisition, on contesting of the bargains with real estate, as a result of which the clients received their houses and other property back.

The clients were grateful to Nadezhda for legal services related to traffic accidents, taxes payment, return of debts, as well as related to disputes with land, apartments, ascertainment of citizenship, property rights for apartments recognition and forfeiture, divorce and settlement of jointly owned property, definition of the place of living of a child, alimony recovery, marriage invalidation, court ruling fulfillment, including claims on illegal actions of police officers, appealing of activities of state authorities and others.

In her arbitration practice Nadezhda took part in cases on activities of Moscow and Moscow Region government invalidation, on privatization of the legal entities’ land and other issues related to reinstatement of the client’s rights related to land, which were solved to the client’s benefit. The positive rulings on contestation of tax authorities decision, on contestation of administrative liability imposition on the legal entity were issued to the client’s benefit by virtue of advocate’s diligent work and well-created cases theories.

The unique ruling was received in case on accusation of two tax authorities’ employees in abuse of official position. The judgment of conviction towards them was issued twice by one of the district courts of Moscow. Nadezhda secured that the court rulings were set aside and the convicted were fully exculpated.

On the number of cases on illegal business activity, unlawful sales turnover of gems and precious metals, briberies made by officials criminal cases against convicted were dismissed on the ground - absence of criminal event.

In accordance with Paragraph 3 of Clause 6 of the Federal Law dated May 31, 2002 ¹63-ÔÇ "About advocate activities and advocacy in the Russian Federation” advocate Nadezhda Vasilieva has authority to gain information, necessary for rendering legal services, including request of inquiries, references and other documentation, from state authorities, local authorities, pubic unions and other associations, which makes possibilities for retaining the additional documentation for provision of additional evidence within the frames of the client’s case in order to receive positive ruling to the client’s benefit.